Meet-Up With Like-Minded Folks!

(Usually) 4th Tuesdays of the month | Madison, WI

The Madison WordPress Meetup has been going strong for over five years. We meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month (depending on holidays).

Madison WP Meetup has a Slack community! Unfortunately, we were bombarded with false accounts, so had to lock it down to “invite only”. If you’d like to join, ask here:


About Madison WordPress Meetups

Because the topics vary greatly, it’s difficult to gauge the relative level of technicality in the presentation(s). We encourage you to enjoy the group’s discourse, even if the content isn’t specifically of interest. There will, most assuredly, be something to learn!


Since 1999, Earthling Interactive clients have used our services to build outstanding websites and applications in dozens of industries. Based in Madison, our development teams regularly meet in person with clients who range from small startups to global companies. We pride ourselves on our technical chops, and we love solving thorny problems, but what really keeps us energized is the relationships we form with the people that trust us to help move their organizations forward in the digital age.

Thanks to our sponsor for footing the bill for pizza, plates, and napkins!