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Making API requests with JavaScript is something web developers do every day. API services often require you to keep API keys out of the browser or route your requests through a server to secure the request. These requirements are meant to keep the API secure and not overloaded with hijacked requests. We will look at a workflow in WordPress that will route a request through the server and return the information to the browser without a page refresh. This workflow is particularly useful if you want or need to keep your API keys secret or out of the browser client, and make requests from a server and not the browser.

A little about the Speaker:
Nate has been building websites for individuals, non-profits, embassies, and businesses since 2011. He loves web development because it’s the perfect mix of problem solving, building, and life-long learning. Nate is an avid learner and has made a habit of collecting masters degrees. He’s also been to six continents (not Antarctica yet!), lived on four, speaks Spanish, and is varying degrees of conversational in a couple other languages. Family, friends, food, coffee, and cooking are his favorite activities outside of work. He now lives in Wisconsin with his wonderful wife and daughter and is VP of Development at The Digital Ring.